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RE: Difference in play from last night to tonight:

“I would say, thus far, that’s us. So, I mean, that’s who we’ve been. We’ve had our moments and had other poor moments. I thought tonight – obviously I thought we started off with some reasonable energy, and then we missed a ton of shots, ton of free throws, ton of shots, and then it really affected our energy. And so, obviously, you know, they deserve a lot of credit. They’re on the same stretch we are as far as number of games. They had back-to-back, they traveled last night, so absolutely no excuses other than we just got outplayed by – They’re a better team than we are; they beat us twice. They deserve that.”

RE: At 8:00 left, playing Kyrie Irving with Guerschon Yabusele, Semi Ojeleye, Daniel Theis, and Brad Wanamaker:

“Well, one of the things when you look back at last year’s – two of our guys that were really impactful when we beat them there were Brad and – or excuse me – were Semi and Guersch. We needed energy. We weren’t – we weren’t going anywhere with what we were doing, so it was better just to mix it up. See if those guys could bring us some live legs, and let’s go. We had a moment there where we cut it to thirteen or whatever, and I think they won that eight-minute stretch pretty – at least by five or seven. But we just needed – we needed other guys out there. Or at least that’s what I felt; maybe I’m wrong.”

RE: How to tell players not to get ‘down’ when missing so many shots:

“We have to build a tougher team mindset than we have. I mean, we just don’t have that mindset yet that we need. That being said, I think that then we also just have to play – I think you miss shots because the other team’s dictating how the game is played, in a lot of circumstances. And that was somewhat the case tonight, although we did, obviously, we missed a lot of them. But I thought they missed a lot, too, and what were they from the free-throw line – they were 17 for 27 so it’s not like they were setting world records. Better than us, though.”

RE: Were the missed alley-oops missed assignments or trouble executing:

“Well at the end of the day, even if you – even if you make a mistake at the point of attack, then the basket’s still more important than anything else. So even when you – whenever you give up a dunk, that is, it may be a mistake in certain points of the action, but all else doesn’t matter if somebody’s got a lob. You have to go in there and challenge it, you have to meet him there, you have to be pulled in and help. So obviously, you know, when I made those subs at eight minutes, we had just given up three alley-oop dunks. We were – we were headed for a 30-point loss, instead of a 12-point loss.”

RE: Is there a confidence issue:

“I think that that’s a – maybe there’s something there, with that, with what you’re saying. I think there’s a lot of things that it could be, but at the end of the day, you know, you build confidence through doing hard things over and over and over, because that’s your focus. That’s your intent. Your job is your focus. You know what you’re supposed to do. You perform every assignment, you do it physically, you do it tough, and then all of a sudden, the ball goes in. It’s just kind of funny how it works. They game honors it. You know, I had an old friend that was one of the best NAI coaches ever and coached for 34 years in the state of Indiana, and his phrase that his team used was, ‘The game honors toughness.’ And boy, is that true. You see that. You see that over and over. And so, I would say that if we’re struggling with the ball going in the hole, that we should just lock in to what we need to do better, and that’ll take care of itself.”


RE: How do you explain tonight’s game from what happened last night; change in energy, etc?

“It’s something that we’ve been dealing with all year. I felt like we addressed it a couple times, but after the Portland game that was something that we wanted to be better and I felt like we came out the right way yesterday and for whatever reason today we couldn’t sustain the focus and the energy we needed.”

RE: Frustrating to see the bench cleared with eight minutes left?

“I was frustrated because I wanted to be out there and still fight, but Coach (Stevens) had a better feel for the game. As a competitor I want to stay in and do what I can, but he felt like we really weren’t going anywhere and it can’t only be one or two guys doing the things, we all have to do them and be consistent with it. Tonight we just weren’t.”

RE: Was the shooting contagious, Jazz were missing free throw shots, etc early?

“I don’t know about that. I just think that our priority has to be doing things with pace and at a high level and we’re learning that as a group that we’re not getting that consistency that we need on the offensive end.”


RE: From your perspective where did things go south for you guys?

“Obviously we didn’t shoot the ball well so that doesn’t help you, but I thought that we had too many breakdowns defensively where they had just easy baskets, lobs to the rim, layups, open shots. I think it was a combination. We still didn’t play terrible defensively, but they had some easy stuff and it seemed like we could never get going.”

RE: Second time you’ve seen team in a week…anything they were doing differently?

“No. They ran a lot of similar stuff. When we executed what we wanted to do defensively they couldn’t get anything on us, but when we didn’t like I said whether it was a lob to the rim or open three there was a breakdown. We got to better. We can be better and we have to be.”


RE: 24 hours ago riding high, what do you attribute to tonight’s performance?

“I just think that the start of the game for us was a telltale sign as to just how the night was going to go. We get a switch with JT (Jayson Tatum) out on Derrick Favors and we kind of expected him to attack and then that’s our first possession of the game. After that just the flow of the game and the physicality picked up as Utah does so well. They know us very well and we know them very well, but I think that they limited us from certain opportunities at the rim as well as making guys make decisions and forcing us into some early turnovers and then of course just not being smart on my part just getting into some fouls whether I fell into the guys or not it just wasn’t smart on my end. Taking myself out of the game kind of limited some opportunities on the offensive end, which slowed down the pace, but (expletive) happens sometimes so it’s just part of the NBA season.”


RE: Teams response to back to back losses:

“For us to come out as focused as we did, we showed a lot of character I thought from our group against a very good team in and obviously difficult environment to play in. So I think we should be pleased with the effort.”

RE: Holding Celtics under 90 points being the defensive identity of the team:

“It’s got to be more than one game. I think when you do something consistently, that’s when it becomes who you are, and we haven’t done that yet. Every time we come out and do it, you’re a little closer to it.”


RE: Thoughts on how they came out tonight:

“It was great, I think we came out with a defensive mindset, we came out with aggressivity on the focus and we did a great job the whole game.”

RE: Difficulty winning in TD Garden and thoughts on defensive pressure:

“That’s the mindset we got to have all the time. When we come out with this mindset, even if you don’t make shots, you’re in a position to win every night.”


RE: What was different in approach:

“My support from my teammates, my mom and just not really caring about the outside noise. I actually let it fuel me. You know there’s a lot of times where I hit a shot and I’m still talking, just emotionally letting a lot of stuff out, so I think that’s really just what got me. Just getting in the flow and playing defense, I didn’t really do too much but just being in the right spot and keeping my mind focused on the game plan.”

RE: Facing criticism:

“You can’t please everybody, I mean you’re not going to. I personally like the negative stuff. Like I told you, I prefer it, I prefer playing with that. I wish I could have that every game. But that’s just always been me and I’m going to continue to play my game and I’m not going to forget what happened, like what happened yesterday I’m not going to forget that, I’m trying to get that to continue to push me.”

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