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RE: On tonight’s game:

“I thought the whole game we struggled at times and then we had some really good moments. But in the fourth quarter at times our defense wasn’t very good. And they made us pay. Kemba [Walker] is on such a roll and draws so much attention that even when they shoot and he shoots you’re open to some rebounding disadvantages. And I looked at the stat sheet because I thought we got outrebounded by a ton and we didn’t. But those were very timely. Those were big plays.”

RE: On what went wrong:

“Well I mean I just think you have to maximize your offensive and defensive possessions at the end of the game. And I think you saw us do a great job of it at the end of the game against Toronto. And not quite as good tonight. But I think I did see some more, what I would refer to as Celtic basketball, than I’ve seen at least over the better.”

RE: On starting Aron Baynes:

“It was more of getting Gordon [Hayward] in the right groups for him. We’re still going to be a work in progress. Obviously nothing is set in stone with that.”

RE: On bringing Gordon Hayward off the bench:

“Gordon [Hayward] and [Marcus] Morris have had a great chemistry. And I know we’ve got a chance because we’ve got guys in there that are willing to take a back seat if you will. Although it doesn’t change his minutes or his rotations much. But that’s a good sign. You know I think were not done probably tweaking the lineups. And so I do think that you’ll see more than that.”

RE: On his team’s toughness:

“I think I said that we need to get a tougher mentality or we need to get better at building a tougher mentality is what I said. And it was obviously redirected at me 15 different question ways about a lack of toughness. But I think ultimately that we did some good things tonight.”


RE: On what the conversation was like Head Coach Brad Stevens asked him to come off the bench:

“Pretty simple, just trying to figure out a way that we can be more successful.”

RE: On if he can sense a good chemistry between himself and Marcus Morris on the court:

“Yeah, we’ve had some good moments out there on the court and I think that we’ve played well together. We’ve found each other and [Marcus Morris] has been playing well the whole year, so he’s a guy to play with.”

RE: On if he’s okay with coming off the bench:

“I’m okay with whatever I can do to help us win. Right now, I just have to focus on myself and getting myself better and being a better basketball player.”

RE: On Kemba Walker scoring 103 points in the last two games:

“He’s been unbelievable, especially when you’re whole game plan is to stop him and he is still going off and doing what he does. He’s playing really well for the Hornets. He’s an unbelievable player.”


RE: On how frustrating it is trying to make it hard for Kemba Walker and still giving up 43 points:

“It’s real frustrating. He was hot and we’ve got to do a better job of making someone else beat us. We knew where he was going every play and we allowed him to get there. We’ve got to figure it out. We’ve got to do a better job, like I said, of just making somebody else beat us. In that point when he gets going it’s hard to stop a guy like that.”

RE: On having a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter and losing:

“We’ve just got to stay focused. We’ve got to finish the game. We had a ten-point lead and we fell apart and we can’t allow those things, especially when you’ve got a guy as hot as he is, especially on his home court. He made us pay for it.”

RE: On how to move forward after the loss:

“You’ve just got to stay with it. You’ve just got to keep working and do your routines and hopefully everything falls into place.”


RE: On Kemba Walker tonight:

“I’m glad Kemba showed up tonight. We were looking for another 60 but I think 43 will do tonight. He’s incredible. This is a special player, a special performance and a special start to an NBA season. Every team is locked in on him, as I keep seeing. Every scouting report, he’s the number one guy on that scouting report. They put the best defender on him and they have two or three bodies on him every single time and this guy continues to produce for us. He does whatever it takes for us to win. Kemba deserves all the credit. It’s his work. It’s his spirit. It’s his drive. It’s his will that is pushing us forward right now. I give his teammates a lot of credit tonight. They stepped up and they played big against a very good team.”

RE: On how long he sees Kemba being able to sustain performances like tonight and the previous game:

“However long it takes. I think that’s his mentality. Whatever it takes for this team to win and be competitive, he’s going to do.”

RE: On Kemba being able to defer to Tony Parker:

“Having Tony on the floor with him tonight allowed him to move off of the ball and that’s what we try to do. We try to mix it up on them so they don’t get locked in on his pick and roll. That’s our job, to move him around and disguise him as much as we can. I think Tony allows him to do that, especially in the fourth quarter tonight. I believe we were 13-18 in the fourth quarter, field goal wise and we were getting great shots. We got all the shots that we wanted. Even the ones we missed were good looks. Our execution in the fourth quarter is only getting better now. We have some different lineups. Tony made some big shots and I was really proud of how our guys executed against a very experienced, deep team.”

RE: On how important this win was:

“I think it’s important for us. We’re battling every night. We’re in a ton of close games. This was another close game for us that we figured out a way to win. The feeling of this win is nice and we have to carry that over. We have to keep getting better. Even the other night, through a painful, overtime loss, we came in the next morning and we got better. We watched it, we talked about it. We talked about the fourth quarter. We’re going to continue to do that. We won the game tonight. We’ll do it again tomorrow.”


RE: On his last two games:

“I don’t know. I’m just playing basketball. You know of course, my belief in God has been helping me play the way I’m playing. But for the most part I’ve just been working on my game. I come in here every night and get shots up, work on my game to make sure I’m staying as ready as possible for these kind of moments. My teammates were looking for me, my coaching staff, they put me in great situations to score the basketball and, you know, I’ve just been making some shots.”

RE: On the importance of this win:

“Man, super important. In games like this, you know, things, situations like this just haven’t been going our way. Coach is so positive, just telling us to stick with it and things will turn. Tonight was a great example. We fought so hard throughout this game and we just deserved to win.”

RE: On Jeremy Lamb and Tony Parker:

“I need those guys. I’m not going to be scoring big points like this every night. Teams are going to be locked in on me every night and we need guys to step up. And I have so much trust in those guys to make plays and I want them to know that I have a lot of trust in them to make those plays. TP [Tony Parker], he’s been in situations like this before and he told me he got me, came and made two huge shots [at the end of the fourth quarter], what more can you ask for? It was great.”


RE: On tonight’s game:

“Big win, big win and we needed it after a tough loss against Philadelphia. Fourth quarter we executed very well, got the shots that we wanted. We shot 13-18 [in the fourth] as a team, so that was a great performance and then defensively we did good too and got some stops.”

RE: On taking over for Kemba in the fourth:

“The poor guy is going to die soon – Kemba. After 60 points, 43 points he is playing amazing, I’m just worried he’s going to be tired the second half of the season. So I told him ‘anytime you need a break, if they double team you I’ll be ready’ and so, in the fourth quarter he got some rest. I tried to take over, got some good shots and get some rest for him. After that he took over, made some big threes. He’s been playing amazing so I just tried to help him out.”

RE: On giving Kemba a break:

“I knew it, he was tired. So I knew I had to make something happen and so that’s why I’m here and I’m happy that the whole team and Kemba is trusting me with that role.”

RE: On what the team has to do to keep winning:

“Everybody has to step up, we need to help him [Kemba Walker] out. When he’s rolling like that it’s fine, obviously, he’s been playing amazing. But at some point, at some time he’s going to get tired. So we have to make sure that we keep playing at a high level, the second unit. Make sure we bring the energy and everybody has to produce.”

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