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RE: Opening Statement:

“I just thought our pace was really good, starters and the bench. In that first quarter, I just thought those guys were moving the ball and finding the right player. Defensively we were really locked in and engaged until the end of the game when we gave up those run-outs.”

RE: On the Celtics defense:

“We have played really good defense at times this year. I don’t know that you can call it improvement until you have done it for 10 straight games. We have been a good defensive team for most of the year, but we have certainly had some games with some slippage.”

RE: On limiting players minutes tonight:

“Tomorrow is going to be really hard. The Mavericks are playing great as they have won five out of six. So we didn’t play a lot of our big-minute guys big minutes tonight but it is going to be tough tomorrow.”


RE: On scoring 45 points in the first quarter:

“It was something we needed. Our offense hasn’t been rolling over the last eight games. You know we have had a pretty dry spell, we have gotten good looks but they haven’t been dropping, so to see it go through the hoop a few times tonight to begin the game was a good thing.”

RE: On getting back in the win column:

“It’s big. We still have a lot of room for improvement but it is better to learn when you are winning than it is to learn when you are losing games. We made a pretty concerted effort to come in here and play the right way…it’s about us trying to put together a full 48 minutes and we still haven’t been able to do that this season.”


RE: On building an early lead:

“We have had some slow starts lately, so that was a point of emphasis coming into tonight’s game.”

RE: On the upcoming road trip:

“Everybody has to understand where we are at because we are not where we want to be. For us to get where we are trying to get, we have to change and there is no better time than today.”


RE: On building momentum going forward:

“We cannot be complacent, we cannot be satisfied…Tomorrow in Dallas we are facing some tough competition and they are going to give us a fight. They play pretty good on their homecourt, so I am looking forward to that challenge.”

RE: On Trae Young:

“I was telling him after the game that it is difficult to be great in anything but especially at the point guard role where our league is now…I think he does a great job of penetrating as well as utilizing some of his quickness to create opportunities for his teammates.”


RE: Opening Statement:

“Competitive group to finish the game. Still, seeking and searching to find a group that we can get started in terms of our energy, our effort, playing together. I thought Dre’ (DeAndre’ Bembry) and Jeremy (Lin) – they’ve been on a tear (the) last couple of games – just consistent energy on both sides of the floor. Dre’ missed a couple of three’s early—but finally got one. You just see a burden and a relief coming off. He’s playing the right way and he’s being rewarded with minutes, and I think he’s being rewarded with spirit with how hard he’s competing. Those two guys are the examples in our locker room right now as we are searching and seeking and trying to find something positive. Those are the two the guys that I’m looking at.”

RE: On John Collins:

“I think every game we’ve increased (his minutes on the floor) him a couple of minutes. There are really no restrictions on him now – just got to monitor him a little and make sure we’re not putting him in a bad spot. Again, his energy, his effort – we don’t run a lot of plays for him. We just put him in the action and use his talents and athleticism to get easy opportunities; some of them drop-offs, some off of lobs, and just his activity around the basket for offensive rebounds. To play 30 minutes in his fourth and fifth game, to kind of have his legs underneath him, and to get his rhythm going, we’ll see more, and we’ll see a better version of John as his season progresses.”

RE: On players being rewarded with minutes:

“Jeremy, he’s just making shots really. Just challenging him to compete on the defensive end, and he’s doing that. Taurean (Prince) battled foul trouble in the first quarter, which kind of got him out of the loop right from the jump. You know, that group – to start the third, to start the first, we’re down, we’re in the hole – I got to throw something out there. The rhythm of the fouls kept him out and just not making some of the open shots that he had, never really got into rhythm offensively. I got two guys that are playing well, and you got to reward the guys that are playing well, and Jeremy and Dre’ are the two guys right now.”


RE: On his health:

“I feel good. It’s an unbelievable opportunity to just be back out there. When I came off the surgery table six or seven months ago, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I just stayed faithful to the grind and the process and worked my butt off to be back. I don’t take anything for granted anymore. I play hard.”

RE: On playing hard:

“That’s always who I’ve been on every team. I’ve been fortunate to be a leader on teams and been fortunate to be a part of good, winning teams. That’s a foundation for me – playing hard. That’s just who I am.”


RE: On his feeling following the loss:

“It’s another tough one at home. You hate to lose games at home. They came out and shot the ball well. I didn’t think we really executed on either end of the floor too well. A team like that, that’s deep and has guys that can go in the rotation, it’s always going to be tough to win the game.”

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