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RE: On Marcus Smart attacking both ends of the floor:

“Yeah, I mean he always does that. I thought that he did a good job along with that first group. [He] started both halves. I think that was a positive for us, obviously, to get off to the start we did. And even when they made runs, we answered it time and again. It’s hard to maintain a lead in this league, and I don’t think it ever got lower than seven, maybe six, but we always answered.”

RE: On Al Horford’s performance down the stretch:

“He was really good tonight. It’s hard to guard Anthony Davis. He’s shuffling in and out as he [Davis] shuffles in and out. You know I thought that he played one of his best games of the season. I thought he mixed in rolling and popping well. He made big shots. And then on the other end of the floor, he did as well as you can on a really talented player.”

RE: On the defensive job against Anthony Davis:

“I think he’s going to have 27 (points) and 16 (rebounds) regardless. It’s just a matter of how hard those 27 points are… so you try to make it as tough as possible; throw a bunch of different bodies at him. I thought (Aron) Baynes did a good job in his minutes. [He] fouled him a couple times, but he did a good job of keeping him in front. And you know Al (Horford)… Al’s always guarded those guys since he’s played.”


RE: On how nights like these are important to maintaining confidence:

“Yeah, I think that that was a great portion of the game. I think that’s what made us, you know, very successful tonight as well as other nights was [that] we play at a very high level on the defensive end. We’re not, you know, top three in defense or wherever we are, for no reason. I think that whenever guys feel comfortable against us, they play pretty well and it’s hard to calm a guy down, any guy – no matter how many years [in the NBA] or anything like that. They get a good pace going in the first half, they feel pretty confident coming into the second half…and I feel like tonight we really just weathered any storm that they threw at us. We knew some, most of their plays and contested and used our length to our advantage. When we’re playing at that type of level we’re tough to beat because offensively it’ll take care of itself. Shots, they’re going to go in and out. Shots, they’re going to go in, but if we hold our stance on that end, then we’ll be pretty successful. It felt good tonight to win like that. That’s who we are.”

RE: On Boston’s defensive effort to hold off Anthony Davis:

“Yep, yep. Great players are going to play – [Laughing]. Sometimes, you know, you throw as many defenses as you can, collapse him, and you know he’s still going to get to the free-throw line and make great plays. That’s what makes AD (Anthony Davis) great. So for us, we just tried to live with some of those misses and then push in transition and feed off the mismatches.”


RE: On the difference in ‘edge’ with him starting in the lineup:

“It’s fair to say. I was just trying to come in and do what I do: bring the energy from the get-go instead of coming off the bench.”


RE: On tonight’s game and if turnovers are to blame for the loss:

“Well, it started with turnovers, yeah, but we gave up too many uncontested threes. This team is a great three-point shooting team anyway so – their bigs can shoot ‘em, their perimeter guys can shoot ‘em and every time we got it within a workable distance, it was either a turnover or they made a three. Plus, there’s three stats that stand out. Number one – our turnovers they got 32 points on. Second chance points they get 18. Fast break points they get 18. They’re not a running team. Their pace is one of the slowest in the league. So you give up 68 points – that’s more than half of their points on those three stats right there. So if you do that, you’re going to have a tough time winning.”

RE: On the cause of turnovers and if they can be attributed to carelessness with the basketball or trying to do too much:

“No, I thought the turnovers we had tonight were really simplistic plays that we just didn’t make. So I don’t think we were trying to do anything really difficult or hard. They just played the passing lanes and we made some tough decisions – some bad decisions.”

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