The Celtics have garnered a 3-game winning streak and are hopefully on a run. I am excited, so I will be expanding my Celtics Race-to-the-Title contest, guaranteeing a few prizes, and coming up with new ideas, and motivation, for our readers. On the prizes, don’t be thinking of a new Corvette, and I am approaching 75-years-old, so my ideas may not compete with Edison and Einstein. But stay with us.

We were looking for Marcus Smart’s field goal percentage in the Minnesota game, and he was 2-of-4 for 50.0%. Dimitrius_UK and Forever_Green got it right on the money with 50.0%. Tiago Jesus placed with 48.9%, and Yung Kwan came in third with 52.5%. Results are below.

Win: Dimitrius_UK (50.0%) and Forever_Green (50.0%)

Place: Tiago Jesus (48.9%)

Show: Yung Kwan (52.5%)

1 David Anthopoulos 16
2 Red Brooks 10
2 land shark 10
2 Forever_green 10
3 DimitriusUK 9
3 Afonzo Mucho 9
4 Abacus Reveals 8
4 Dylan Dobson 8
4 Yung Kwan 8
5 Tiago Jesus 7
6 CelticsKY 6
7 Michael Costa 5
7 Nopelovic 5
8 Andre Moreira Lima 4
8 Andrew 4
8 Rondeezy 4
9 Daddiorick 3
9 Caio Marques 3
10 Ismael Hasan 2
10 Darthdoogh 2
11 Celtics Next Generation 1

The Celtics have a number of days off before facing a rematch against the Knicks. I am looking for the number of points from the high-scorer on the Celtics, no matter who that happens to be. Part-2 is to name that Celtics player with the most points in the game. Ex: 28 points, Jayson Tatum.

Picking the right high-scorer (in this example – Tatum) gets you an automatic three points. Guess the high-scorer’s (could be any player) number of points – you get three points. Get both right and you pick up six points. There will only be one winner on the first part (who the high-scorer will be). The second part will still have win, place and show. There are 59 games left. Anyone can join in now and have a good shot at moving up the rankings. Just submit your guesses to the comment section prior to 6:00 PM ET on the night of the game.

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Photo via Jim Mone/AP Photo

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