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It’s both incomplete and cliché to say that now is the time when Brad Stevens will really earn his stripes as a coach. He’s earned it in spades already with incremental overachievement year after year. His Celtics teams were overachieving, fighting hard and incrementally improving even well prior to the arrival of Isaiah Thomas back at the 2015 NBA Trading Deadline. So in terms of getting underdogs to over-perform, he’s a proven commodity as a coach and better than most. How about getting favorites to perform up to their level? That is yet to be proven. So the bright-eyed young coach and his roster packed with all-stars and future stars currently sit in a land of mediocrity, underperforming. This is an unfamiliar place for any recent Celtics basketball team, one that we haven’t seen in a long time, perhaps even pre-dating the arrival of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. So what now? Start prioritizing winning and if some star egos or the egos of budding stars need to be humbled along the way then so be it. Steven
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