Celtics point guard Terry Rozier knew he was going to be asked about his recent Twitter activity Monday afternoon.

“Is this the warm-up question right here?” he said in response to a question about how practice went. “It was great.”

Immediately, however, the inquiries pivoted to a juicier subject: What exactly was Rozier referring to in the cryptic tweet he had sent out earlier in the day? The 24-year-old had caught the attention of many with a short message: “Let’s do us ALL a favor.” Who should do whom a favor?

Several teams, including the Phoenix Suns, are reportedly interested in pursuing Rozier, sparking conversations that his tweet may have been an arcane trade request. But Rozier insisted that wasn’t his intent.


“I got a life outside of basketball,” he said, laughing, after practice at the Auerbach Center. “You know I got love for [the media]; I got love for the fans. It wasn’t nothing on that, it wasn’t nothing on that. We’re going to look to come out and play better [Wednesday and] make sure everybody happy.”

After filling in for starter Kyrie Irving throughout Boston’s playoff run last season, Rozier has been relegated to a reserve role. There have been murmurs that he might not be as happy coming off the bench, but if that’s the case, he hasn’t exhibited any obvious signs of distress.

“I’m happy to be here,” he said Monday.

In a follow-up tweet, he also asked that people “chill with the bad talk.”

Rozier said the heightened attention surrounding his social media activity isn’t surprising in a city like Boston. In July 2017 — amidst president of basketball operations Danny Ainge’s roster overhaul — he had tweeted, “Here today..Gone tomorrow, causing many to speculate he had been traded.

“Coming to a place like this, this type of organization, with the diehard fans, that’s just what it is,” a smiling Rozier said. “That’s what you got to accept. At the end of the day, the fans going to ride for us. They got our backs. You got some people that think they’re GMs, but that’s fine. It’s a hit or miss with it.”


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